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What are some reasons why drivers develop road rage?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2019 | Personal Injury |

On the road, there are many threats to the safety of drivers and those riding along in vehicles, such as the use of alcohol or drugs, high speeds and poor road conditions as a result of inclement weather. However, road rage is an especially concerning risk factor because it is so common and can adversely impact someone’s driving in various ways. Whether you tend to become angry behind the wheel or you are worried about the risk of being involved in an accident because of aggressive drivers, it is important to understand some of the sources of road rage.

On their site, the Springfield Police Department has published information on some of the reasons why road rage occurs. There are several situations in which drivers may become angry, such as the way in which another driver uses high-beam headlights, tailgating and someone’s failure to use their turn signals. Drivers may also develop road rage because they are upset with another driver traveling too slow, using a phone behind the wheel or cutting them off. These are just some of the reasons why drivers may become very upset on the road.

Road rage can increase the likelihood of a collision in many ways, and aggressive drivers pose a threat to everyone else on the road. Whether they switch lanes abruptly, drive too fast or fail to yield, there are all sorts of risks associated with driving while very angry. If you were hit by a driver who was struggling with road rage and suffered an injury, make sure you explore your legal options.