Medical Malpractice And Personal Injury Trial Attorney

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Attorney Referral Services

Occasionally, a lawyer or firm may have a client in need of services that are outside the scope of their practice. When this happens, both out-of-state and Kentucky-based firms frequently refer clients who suffered a serious injury to Gray Law, PLLC, of Louisville.

A Commitment To Getting Results At Trial

As a skilled trial attorney with 30 years of courtroom experience, David Gray is well-equipped to handle even the most complex personal injury claims and medical malpractice suits. He has a strong track record of successful results, securing multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements in lawsuits across the country.

As a solo practitioner, David Gray can limit his caseload to provide unparalleled personalized service and focus on getting the best results for clients. Clients benefit from David Gray’s vast network of connections and notable reputation in courtrooms throughout the region.

Gray Law, PLLC, accepts case referrals and can provide co-counsel assistance. To refer a client or discuss joint representation, contact the firm via email or call 502-205-7578.