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Obtaining Financial Relief For Surgical Error Victims

Since no two surgeries are the same, even routine procedures carry inherent risks. A mistake made during surgery can have devastating or even lethal consequences. When a surgeon, doctor, nurse or other medical professional violates the established standards of patient care and causes a serious injury, those responsible need to be held accountable.

With three decades of medical malpractice experience in courts in Louisville, in Kentucky and across the country, David Gray of Gray Law, PLLC, is well-equipped to seek fair compensation for surgical error victims. During his career, David Gray has established relationships with medical professionals throughout Kentucky and across the country whom he can draw upon to aid your case.

Failing To Act Responsibly

A surgical error is a preventable mistake made during surgery. While hospitals and medical staff take precautions against “never events,” serious injuries that should not occur if medical staff adhere to proper safety procedures, an alarming number of surgical mistakes occur. While nearly everyone recognizes the risks of surgery, a signed liability waiver does not shield a physician from legal action if they cause permanent injuries or death. Incompetence, fatigue and miscommunication can have dire consequences.

Gray Law, PLLC, routinely manages surgical error claims involving:

  • Anesthesia errors
  • Preventable infections
  • Surgical instruments left in patients
  • Accidental damage to surrounding tissue, nerves or ligaments
  • Wrong patient operations
  • Wrong body part operations
  • Failure to monitor during recovery
  • Premature discharge from the hospital

An unwanted or poor surgical outcome does not necessarily constitute malpractice. However, if your surgeon or the attending medical staff made a glaring mistake or performed below the medical standard of care, you can take legal action. These cases are often procedurally complex and require skilled legal representation.

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