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Addiction in the wake of a car collision

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2019 | Personal Injury |

The consequences of a car crash, at least in terms of a victim’s physical health, are often easy to notice right away (although this is not always true for all injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury that does not become apparent until later on). However, the emotional toll of a wreck can be more difficult to detect, and other hardships can arise for victims and their loved ones later on. For example, there are multiple reasons why a car accident victim may develop an addiction as a result of the crash.

Sometimes, people who have struggled with addiction in the past or are currently pursuing sobriety may relapse as a result of the collision. The emotional hurdles that a crash brings into their lives may be very hard to deal with, and some people even develop post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the wreck. Other problems in one’s life, such as depression over career issues or relationship problems, may seem even more pronounced as a result of the hardships that someone is experiencing due to an auto accident.

Another major concern in terms of addiction is prescription pain medication. Many people sustain injuries in wrecks, and some of them are prescribed medication to help with their pain. For some, this can lead to opiate addiction. Regrettably, motor vehicle accidents have caused many people to become addicted to drugs and alcohol, which is why victims should be mindful of these risks following a wreck. Moreover, taking legal action against a reckless driver is very important for those who are facing physical and financial challenges because of the negligence of another.