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Can a new technology prevent truck crashes?

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Uncategorized |

If you drive on the highway in Kentucky a lot, you know the nervous feeling you get when a large tractor-trailer begins tailgating you. And if you drive one of these behemoths, you should know that according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in 2018, large truck-related crashes led to the deaths of 4,136 people.

As careful as you may be on the road, even the slightest error on the part of a truck driver could lead to a dramatic accident, as these vehicles take a longer time to stop and have a greater risk of tipping. In an effort to reduce the damages caused by human error, new technologies continue to surface.

The technology that can help truckers be safer

Automated emergency braking systems and collision warning systems are revolutionizing the trucking industry. These front crash prevention systems use sensors, radar and cameras to monitor the road in front of the vehicle. If you are driving a truck, an alert will inform you of what is ahead, and if you have AEB, the truck will start automatically applying the brakes to slow down.

This technology also alerts you to obstacles on the road ahead. Sometimes you notice an obstacle in the road only moments before you would hit it, and you may need to suddenly veer out of the way to avoid it, potentially causing an accident.

Does this technology really help?

The IIHS has conducted studies that show that AEB reduces rear-end crashes involving trucks in half. There are currently no requirements in the U.S. for manufacturers to include AEB on their trucks, but the technology is widely available should you choose to avail yourself of it.