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Recall issued after cancer-causing agent identified in Metformin

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Medical Malpractice |

When doctors prescribe drugs to treat health conditions, patients rely on them to recommend safe and effective medications. Many health care providers in Kentucky also rely on drug manufacturers to properly analyze and test their products to guarantee consumer safety. 

Unfortunately, not all drugs provide desirable results. Even more concerning is the number of drugs that endanger consumers because they contain questionable ingredients. 

Metformin contains NDMA

A commonly used drug called Metformin is under scrutiny for containing dangerously high levels of the known cancer-causing carcinogen NDMA. The FDA recommends people consume no more than 96 nanograms daily and Metformin contains an amount that exceeds that requirement. The drug is no stranger to recalls and was the subject of another recall during the summer. 

Metformin claims to lower glucose levels and help victims of diabetes to manage their insulin more effectively. The recalled slow-release Metformin Hydrochloride tablets come in a 500 mg form, as well as a 700 mg form. Time-Cap Labs Inc. sold the tablets. Consumers can identify the recalled products by looking at the National Drug Code embossed on the side of their tablets. The affected codes include 101 and 102. 

FDA issues an investigation

To uncover where the carcinogens come from and why they continually end up in Metformin tablets, the FDA has issued an investigation. The actual amount of NDMA contained in Metformin tablets is currently unknown. If consumers are at all concerned about their safety, they should contact their health care provider and request an alternate medication. 

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