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Kentucky continues efforts to prevent drunk driving

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2020 | Personal Injury |

According to records from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drunk driving deaths accounted for nearly one of every five vehicular fatalities in Kentucky in 2018. That year, 137 people died statewide at the hands of impaired drivers.

While the 2018 drunk driving deaths in Kentucky represented a decline from the 179 the prior year, they highlight the ongoing challenges that face every person in the state. Nobody can feel completely safe when drunk drivers continue to get behind the wheels of vehicles.

Recent cases show the ongoing realities

In October, the Lexington Herald Leader reported on a case involving a man who drove his vehicle onto the field where a school band held its practice session. The man’s blood alcohol content measured a whopping 0.311%.

On the day before Thanksgiving, officials arrested a former law enforcement officer for allegedly driving under the influence, per a report from

State expands license suspension period for DUI cases

As explained by Fox Lexington, a person used to lose her or his driver’s license for as little as 30 days after a first drunk driving offense. A new law, however, went into effect in Kentucky this past summer. Now, a first DUI charge may carry with it a license suspension lasting four months.

A driver may reinstate her or his driving privileges during the suspension period by installing an ignition interlock device. These products include cameras that monitor who provides the breath samples as yet another means of preventing impaired people from driving. A vehicle ignition cannot start until a person passes a breath test.