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What types of equipment help spinal cord injury patients?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2021 | Personal Injury |

A spinal cord injury can be one of the most devastating injuries you can occur during a car accident. Many patients with SCIs face some form of paralysis. If you have a complete spinal cord injury, you could lose all mobility below the injury site. An incomplete injury may cause you to lose some mobility.

A spinal cord injury can change how you function, but according to M Health, there are different types of equipment

According to M Health, there are different types of adaptive equipment to help you function again.

Mobility devices

Mobility devices can help you get around. These include wheelchairs, walkers, adapted shoes and crutches. Mobility devices may also include adaptive tools that can help you drive a vehicle again. When you discuss your options with your doctors, they will find the best possible mobility devices for your situation.

In addition to mobility, you may also require positioning devices. These are devices that keep your body in a comfortable and safe position. They may be able to keep you stable to prevent muscle or skin problems. Some stability and positioning devices include braces, sprints and splints.

Self-care tools

If you can no longer dress or groom yourself, there are self-care tools to help. Self-care tools may include shower benches, dressing sticks and other reaching devices. When you suffer an injury to your spinal cord, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot care for yourself anymore. You need adaptive tools to help you with basic tasks.

When it comes to equipment, there are a variety of ways to pay for it. The equipment you require is a necessary medical expense.