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How can I stay safe following an auto accident?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2021 | Uncategorized |

The sudden impact of an automobile crash can be a terrifying experience. You and your passengers may suffer injuries. You also do not know how the other driver involved in your accident will react. In such a situation, it is important to keep a cool head and take the right steps to safeguard yourself and those riding with you.

Taking certain actions might also avoid mistakes that could harm your personal injury case if you decide to pursue one. U.S. News and World Report offers some tips to promote your safety immediately following a collision.

Look for injuries

Once your vehicle has come to a stop, examine yourself for injuries. If you have passengers, check them out as well. You may need to engage in emergency first aid if you or anyone in your vehicle is seriously bleeding. If you or your passengers have back or neck pain, moving may not be a good idea. Call for emergency responders. They will know how to move you and your passengers without worsening your condition.

Be alert to your surroundings

Once you have checked everyone, be sure there is no immediate safety threat around you. If you smell smoke, your automobile may be on fire. Also, check out the road and the nearby surroundings. If you have to move your vehicle, do so slowly and carefully so you do not endanger your health or the health of your riders.

When to leave the accident scene

In some situations, a driver involved in an accident can become belligerent. If you should find yourself in this situation or if the scene is too hazardous, you may leave the scene to protect yourself, but you should explain your actions in a 911 call. Say why you have to leave and where you are heading to seek safe harbor.

It is important to have a 911 call on record because the police could cite you for leaving an accident scene. You may also incur charges for a hit and run. You may consider returning to the scene as soon as emergency responders arrive.

Call the police

Remember that if you feel threatened or unsafe, you have the right to summon the police. If the other driver involved in the accident tries to discourage you, it could be a sign the driver lacks insurance or even a driver’s license. When the police do arrive, provide facts but not opinions about what caused the accident. The police report could aid you in establishing who was at fault in the crash.