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Analyzing data on pedestrian accidents

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Whether you walk near traffic for lengthy periods of time on a daily basis or you occasionally walk near the road, it is vital to understand the risks you face. Unfortunately, many pedestrian accidents take place because of negligent drivers, such as those who drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel, and they must answer for the consequences of their behavior.

By reviewing statistics on pedestrian accidents, you could develop a better understanding of particularly dangerous locations and risk factors. However, every pedestrian accident is unique and you need to remain vigilant whenever you walk around moving vehicles.

Location, time of day and other pedestrian accident statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a majority of fatal pedestrian accidents in 2017 occurred between 6 PM and 8:59 PM, followed by 9 PM and 11:59 PM. Most deadly pedestrian accidents during this year happened outside of intersections and on urban roads. Moreover, those in their 50s lost their lives more than victims in other age groups.

It is important to remember that many pedestrian accidents also occur in rural areas, during the day and at intersections. Moreover, many accidents result in injuries and although victims are fortunate to survive, they can face many hardships.

Preventing pedestrian accidents

The NHTSA outlines a number of steps you can take to increase your safety as a pedestrian. Increase visibility by reflective clothing at night, cross the street at designated intersections and always walk on the sidewalk, if possible. If a reckless driver caused you or a loved one to become involved in a serious accident, explore your options and hold them answerable.