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How to defend against aggressive drivers

On Behalf of | May 29, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Most drivers at one point in time have encountered an aggressive driver. We see aggressive drivers weaving in and out of traffic at fast speeds, riding the bumper of a car, or screaming out of a window while driving. Aggressive drivers are a serious concern and contribute to unsafe driving conditions, accidents, and deaths.

Below are a few statistics and information on aggressive driving and how you can defend against it and drive safely on the roads.

Drive defensively and smart

If you notice an aggressive drive around you while driving, it is best to not only try and remain calm but try these defensive tactics to avoid engaging with the aggressive driver:

  1. Get out of the way safely
  2. Do not challenge them. It only encourages them to lash out.
  3. Avoid eye contact and rude gestures and do not return any inappropriate behaviors that would encourage them to continue to act aggressively.
  4. Keep the passing lane open. If you are driving in the passing lane, safely move over.
  5. Aggressive driving isn’t always directed at you, try and give the driver the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Report aggressive driving by safely calling the authorities.

Defending against aggressive drivers: One of the best ways to combat aggressive driving is not to become an aggressive driver. You can do this by planning for the appropriate travel time, let other drivers merge, don’t follow too closely, don’t be tempted to teach another driver a lesson and obey the rules of the road.

Rage and aggression statistics on the road

  • 80% of drivers in the past year have displayed aggression, anger, and road rage.
  • 50% tailgate
  • 47% yell or scream at another driver
  • 45% use their horn out of anger or annoyance
  • 33% make rude gestures
  • 24% stop other drivers from lane changing or merging
  • 12% purposely cut off other drivers
  • 4% confront drivers by getting out of their cars
  • 3% bump or ram another driver on purpose

Don’t be an aggressive driver

It is easy to get angry or frustrated while sitting in a traffic jam or when you’re in a rush, but by taking a more proactive approach to driving and not reacting to rude and inconsiderate drivers, you will be helping to keep yourself and others safe.