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What are the possible consequences of a hernia mesh failure?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2021 | Personal Injury |

People who are suffering from a hernia may reasonably expect that a mesh device will be an ideal solution. In reality, many types of meshes cause serious problems.

Individuals who experience complications after a surgery involving an abdominal or pelvic mesh can experience problems immediately after the procedure. In some instances, however, complications do not arise for months or even years. Here are some of the most common issues that people with a mesh insert experience.

Digestive problems

An abdominal hernia could rupture if not treated. Nevertheless, an improperly attached mesh insert could also cause an acute intestinal rupture. This could lead to long-term digestive discomfort or major structural damage.

Chronic pain

If a mesh has poor quality materials or is not attached correctly, it may be a source of uninterrupted inflammation and chronic pain. This type of pain is somewhat difficult to treat, and it can greatly interfere with a person’s quality of life.


In some instances, mesh materials will bind with parts of the body that they are not supposed to. Adhesion may require emergency medical intervention.

Hernia recurrence

A failed procedure could result in a hernia redeveloping. The reoccurrence of a hernia in the same location can feel even more uncomfortable when there is a foreign object present.

Ultimately, a person who has undergone a procedure with a mesh implant should not delay in seeking treatment. Replacing the mesh with a better quality material or making an adjustment to the mesh’s placement could offer significant relief.