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What do you know about common car accident injuries?

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Everyday aches and pains may make it difficult to discern whether you sustained harm in a recent crash. What common auto accident injuries should you look out for?

AICA Orthopedics dives into prevalent motor vehicle crash harm. You may have a personal injury case and not realize it.

Back injuries

If you experience back pain in the days following your accident, have a medical professional examine you for a herniated disc. One vital fact to remember with back injuries triggered by car crashes is such harm does not always manifest immediately after the incident. It may take several days before you notice your injury.

Soft tissue injuries

Your body’s ligaments, muscles and tendons may sustain sprains, tears or bruises. Depending on the force of the impact and the way your body moved inside the vehicle, you may have a soft tissue injury.

Traumatic brain injuries

Do you remember hitting your head on anything inside your car during the collision? Or perhaps the force of the impact rattled your brain inside your skull. Either way, you may have a traumatic brain injury. You may have a minor concussion, or you could have a severe TBI that affects your personality, ability to concentrate and more. If you feel off, or if those around you notice you acting strangely, have your physician check you for a TBI.

Hand and wrist injuries

Forceful auto collisions may harm the fine bones in the wrists and hands. Should you learn you broke or fractured a wrist or hand bone, you may need surgery.

Pay close attention to your body and how you feel in the following days. You do not want to miss out on compensation for suffering from another’s negligence.