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Improving communication with your doctor

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

When you visit your doctor in Kentucky, your well-being relies on the combined vigilance of both you and those involved in your care. At the forefront of a healthy relationship with your doctor is effective communication.

If you feel uncomfortable communicating with your health care provider or if they have shown a disregard for your needs, you may want to find someone new. Knowing how to effectively communicate allows you to express your needs and concerns with confidence and poise.

Establishing a relationship

Developing a sustainable relationship with your doctor will take time. One of the most effective ways to gain trust is to ask questions. Come to your appointments prepared with questions regarding your symptoms, treatments and side effects. You may feel more confident about your doctor’s credibility if you also ask questions about experience, education and certifications.

When you ask questions, your doctor should respond with empathy and consideration. Upon entering the room, your doctor should be familiar with your situation after reading the notes in your medical file. These actions can prove to you that your doctor pays attention and has your best interest in mind.

Addressing personal needs

Your personal needs and medical background have a uniqueness, unlike any other patient. A doctor that recognizes this will suggest treatment options that will complement your lifestyle, medical risks and personal preferences. According to, if you want to assure that you have plenty of time to talk with your doctor, ask for a longer appointment window.

If you have suffered an injury or worsening medical condition as the result of poor communication or malpractice, you may face life-altering consequences. In these situations, seeking a new medical provider should take utmost priority. You may also choose to take legal action to request compensation for your suffering.